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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Udari Warnakulasuriya

Udari Warnakulasuriya

Viewers of Udayakantha Warnasuriya’s latest movie Paya Enna Hiru Se have no doubt been fascinated and intrigued by the young lady who had stepped into the reel.
With striking good looks and an ample amount of talent Udari Warnakulasuriya had managed to wriggle into the hearts of the audience as the delightful Dinali who not only takes up the motherly role for Himasha but she also puts a smile on the faces of the onlookers through her innocent but mischievous tactics.
Though the movie was her stepping stone to cinema, she had faced the camera before by posing for advertisements, music videos and as a compere by presenting the ‘Juke Box’ program on Derana television.
“My father sent applications for the Miss Sri Lanka pageant in 2007. I had just sat for my A\L examination in the science stream so I never pursued the ambition of becoming a professional actress,” smiled the bright young lady as she expressed how the limelight fell on her to Daily News ‘Projector’.
“I clinched a majority of mini titles in that event from Miss Talent to Miss Beautiful Walk. Miss Popular was also among them and that enabled me to achieve greater heights. I was flooded with requests to appear in advertisements, music videos and films. I just hung around saving myself till a really worthwhile project came along.”
She was lucky indeed because it was not a mere second lead which fell on her lap but a lead role opposite one of the most popular actors of our time and a film by a much sought after Director.
“Udayakantha saw some of my pictures and called me for an interview. I was requested to perform a scene in which I had to scold Suraj saying that I had brought him into my home to soothe Himasha’s mind rather then break it. They said that I handled the scene well.
The whole panel including Director Warnasuriya, Producer Dhammika Siriwardena and Assistant Director Donald Jayantha were present,” she recalled adding that she was thrilled with the news relating that they have selected her for the lead role in Paya Enna Hiru Se.
“I didn’t know what hit me. I was expecting a semi role and to be offered the lead in a movie by my favourite director was certainly a dream come true. I had to keep convincing myself that I was not dreaming,” she laughed.
Prior to her transmission to cinema the charming beauty had appeared in a number of music videos: Sanka Dineth’s Oba, Daddy’s Borukari and Madhava’s Hirigadu Pipena along with a handful of advertisements. So facing the camera was not exactly a new experience to her.
“I was nervous during the first few takes but everyone kept boosting my spirits by telling me to relax and take things easy.
They supported me throughout the project and it was fun working with them,” she said, reflecting back to the time the team was busy shooting.
“Dinali is a mature character and I am just out of my teens.
She is a daring and courageous woman who tried to solve the tragedy which befell her in the best possible manner. I too share some of her characteristics, especially the fact that we both love children,” she noted
Asked which scene she enjoyed acting the most she did not hesitate to add that she found the comic scenes and the episodes in which she had to scold Ranjan Ramanayake pleasing.
“There was one scene in which I had to scold Tharuka and Ranjan for breaking a vase because they had played basketball indoors. I ordered them to kneel on the floor for half an hour but once my back was turned Ranjan slowly climbs onto a chair, gets the wall clock down and shifts it quickly forward to set the time so that it shows that the half an hour had already passed! That was so funny!” Udari giggled.
With Paya Enna Hiru Se riding high in tehaters more offers from the film and teledrama scene are coming her way but she says that she is rather choosy in picking her roles.
“People approach me with hope that I would give my best for their creations. It is not easy to dedicate time for a project.
I would only take up roles if I feel that I could do justice to them. I would love to act a role of a much younger character than Dinali in my next project,” she said.
Rounding up the conversation she did not forget to put in a word of gratitude to her parents, husband, director Udayakantha and the whole team of Paya Enna Hiru Se for the back up they gave her in her maiden step to the movies.
Udari Warnakulasuriya

Udari Warnakulasuriya was born in Negombo and studied at Ave Maria Convent, Negombo. She was one of the participants at the Miss Sri Lanka pageant 2007. She has just taken her first step into the film industry, acting in the forthcoming film Paya Enna Hiru Se by Udayakantha Warnasuriya


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Udari Warnakulasooriya is one of the upcoming actress in Sinhala cinema. She became very popular after her role as "Dinali" in "Paya Enna Hiru Se".

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