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Flamboyance 2011

Flamboyance 2011 - fashion with a purpose, was held at the Galadari hotel last Sunday.
The fundraiser done by the Leo District 306c 1 was to build a transit home for outpatients of the National Cancer Institute.


Dinesh launches first ever Buddhist oratorio

Friday, January 28, 2011

Young talented musician Dinesh Subasinghe is one of the privileged guys in his field because he has had the privilege to study in the music academy of globally renowned musician A. R. Rahman.
This individual stepped into the limelight not merely two months ago with the release of his first ever Buddhist oratorio which is said to be the first philosophic piece of musical work since Professor Premasiri Khemadsa’s cantata on Buddha’s ‘Pan Nirvana’. This talented composer is ranked among some of the greatest western composers whose oratorios seem to have no competitive advantage over those of Dinesh. This piece is said to be his first exclusive composition since coming down for holidays from the A. R.RAHMAN academy in India. Dinesh has titled his oratorio CD as ‘The Buddha- River of Kindness’. It is available at ‘Vibrations’ Union Place Keels Super- Island Wide, and at M Entertainment. The CD includes many genres in music, such as western classical, Sri Lankan folk, Japanese and Chinese styles, Buddhist chanting, Tibet music, pop music and Indian classical music.
Dinesh considers himself to be a rare musician who follows and appreciates ‘real art’. He does his journey at his own pace and hence neither follows trend nor sets it. Dinesh only wants to create genuine heartfelt music which he can relate to and in turn make it acceptable to the rest of the world. He therefore hopes to enhance his music as a language which can be expressed and communicated by anyone at a universal level. By doing this he hopes to establish a good musical reputation for his motherland, Sri Lanka.
The Oratorio is based on the life story of Lord Buddha. Just listening to the masterpiece of sorts is said to be a good form of relieving stress. Dinesh calls this ‘Music Therapy’ that makes people calm and makes them positive. The composer’s dream is to take this unique piece to a universal level where soon world famous orchestras will play it finally commemorating Sri Lankan music. However Dinesh feels this to be a challenge as Sri Lanka is still at the very inception of creating good universal texture through its own authentic music.
Dinesh wishes to acknowledge the following talented musical personnel who made his Buddhist oratorio a successful reality. Most profoundly from India those who represented the A.R.RAHMAN ACADEMY namely, John Anthony (a great Bollywood guitarist who has accompanied more than 3000 Indian movies),
the main cellist who played for A.R .RAHMAN movie solos EILIDH CATHERINE MARTIN, Asrhitha Arockiam ,Sahil Jeeth, Singh Rachinthan, Trivedi , Pranoi Praveen and others.
Further acknowledgements go out to Rev.B.Mahanama and Pragash Bosco who assisted toward bringing versatility in the tracks recorded. Dinesh takes this opportunity to mention some upcoming Sri Lankan Vocalists namely ‘Pabasara Shashyamali, Dinesh Tharanga, Raveen Kanishka and a few others who he feels have a bright future within the industry.
Speaking of Dinesh’s accomplishments thus far, it is intriguing to know that this young composer finished the first year foundation programme with an A GRADE and received his certificate from his living legend A.R.RAHMAN himself. Thereafter he worked for A.R. RAHMAN in his ‘nursery rhymes Audio CD narrated by Bollywood actress KATRINA Kaiff. He played violin, Rawan Hatta, kingiri and Ekthar in the CD and also worked within a string orchestra in mani rathnam’A Movie RAWAN’ which was recently released. He is the first Sri Lankan to study in Rahman’s academy and the first Sri Lankan musician to participate in Rahmans music projects. Dinesh is also a member of the Indian cine musicians union.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sri Lanka’s biggest annual open air art fair for paintings and sculpture, the ‘Kala Pola’ was held along the sidewalks of Ananda Coomaraswamy Mawatha, Colombo 7 for the 17th consecutive year. It featured over 300 artists and sculptors showcasing their creativity to a rapidly growing Sri Lankan and expatriate clientele. Kala Pola was organized by The George Keyt Foundation and sponsored by John Keells Holdings Plc. The Deputy Ambassador of People 's Republic of China, Han To was the Chief Guest. This year an art auction was held for the first time at the Kala Pola.


Shani- The gritty girl is the best

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Don’t give up your objectives. If you are determined you can achieve your goals…. 
Shani Carolyn Fernando who bases her life on this motto is an Electrical Engineering student at the South Thames College in England.

She recently emerged as the best student from among 300, 000 students from 40 higher education institutes in England. Shani who is plagued with a heart disorder from birth is determined to reach her goal of becoming an aeronautical engineer someday.

“I am delighted about the ‘AOC Student of the Year’ award I won but at the same time I know how much of hard work went into that award. This is not magic, but a result of hard work and dedication. I am grateful to my parents, teachers and my friends in the college. I never expected such an accolade even in the wildest of my dreams. My motto in life is … ‘Don’t give up your objectives. If you are determined you can achieve your goals….’. I believe that this award came my way as a result of this strong belief,” she said.

“I had a liking towards Electrical Engineering because it’s related to formula cars, racing cars and aero planes. I am keen about the production and engineering aspects of formula one cars. I am studying this on my own accord, and nobody, not even my family or friends gave me a clue about it,” she said.
“I was born with a heart disorder and had to come to England when I was just three years old. We spent a long period in England and as a result got citizenship there. My condition turned bad about two years ago and it affected my lungs too. But now I am almost ok. I never gave up studies despite my ill health. I studied hard amidst discomfort. I always had this target of becoming an aeronautical engineer and that determination made me stronger. I am away from modeling because I have to sacrifice more time on studies. I took part in modeling in recent times,” she said.

Niroshan Premaratne
Pix: Mihira Bandara

(Special thanks: Prabath Gamage)


ICC Cricket World Cup - 2011 Music Concert

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The ‘ICC Cricket World Cup - 2011 Music Concert’ held at Galle Face Green drew crowds of over 200,000 people as the first 15 squad and a host of popular local and international artistes ramped the stage. B n S, Iraj, Chula, Chilli, Lahiru, Rookantha and Chandralekha and the Channa and Upuli ensemble were some of the artistes who performed to make the evening a memorable one.


Dead Space 2 movie

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Most of the time great destructions are caused by a virus. This virus turns humans into grotesque alien monsters called "Necromorphs". Now as you are about to land in the middle of a Survival horror video game, you better brace yourself. Cause ‘Survival horror’ means you have limited ammunition, lesser heavy weapons, less powerful and obviously vulnerable. This is year 2417 and it’s ‘Dead Space 2’!
Engineer Isaac Clarke returns for another blood-curdling adventure in Dead Space 2, the sequel to the critically acclaimed horror adventure. After waking from a coma on a massive space city known as "The Sprawl," the lone survivor of a horrific alien infestation finds himself confronting a catastrophic nightmare. Battling dementia, hunted by the government and haunted by visions of his dead girlfriend, Isaac will do whatever it takes to save him and rid the city of the gruesome, relentless Necromorphs. Equipped with a new arsenal of tools to dismember the Necromorphs, Isaac will face the challenge head-on.
In Dead Space 2, Isaac brings the terror to space. Players will take on bigger, scarier and more epic battles that will keep them on the edge of their seats. Delivering a sensory overload of sound, visuals and action sequences, Dead Space 2 will bring the psychological thrills of deep space to a terrifying new level.
The plot of this video game flows as the events occurred 3 years after the original dead space game. Unlike its predecessor, Dead Space 2 has a multiplayer mode too. And the game is tougher if you ask me!
This game is rated as strictly for mature persons as it contains gruesome imagery, intense violence and strong language. The release date of the game is marked as January 25, 2011.
Now, it’s a virus and it turns people into alien monsters. You are alone and helpless and remember, in the video game your name is Isaac. And guess what, “Isaac's got a gun”! This is Dead Space 2!
Dark Bear
Dead Space 2 Trailer

Youth Awards Festival 2010

The 2010 Youth Awards Festival organized by the Youth Affairs and Skills Development Ministry in collaboration with the National Youth Services Council was held at the Maharagama national Youth Services Council recently.
Namal Jayasinghe won the award for the best drama production ‘Gladiator Premaya’ at the 32nd Youth Awards Ceremony while Sudath Abeysinghe won the award for the best short play ‘Mage Kalaye Weerayek’.
Gihan Sri Kantha’s ‘Happy Journey’ won the second place and Dhanushika Nayana Kumari’s ‘Janelayen Paninnada’ won the third place in the longer version. In the short play category Ruwan Hettiarachchi’s ‘Merenna Widihak Kiyanna’ won the second place and Sidath Rohan de Silva’s ‘Api’ won the third place.
Kalana Gunasekara who acted in Gladiator Premaya won the best actor’s award while Samadhi Laksiri who acted in ‘Janelayen Paninnada’ won the best actress award. Sarath Karunaratne won the second place in the best actor category for his role in ‘Box’ while the third place went to Chathura Madhawa for ‘Api.
The second plalce in the best actress category was won by Hasitha Chitrani (Reject) and the third place went to Lanka Bandaranayake for ‘Happy Journey’.
In the short drama category Mayura Kanchana who acted in ‘Mage Kalaye Weerayek’ won the first place, Sarath Karunaratne (Box) the second place and Chathura Madhawa (Api) the third place. Sudhara Randini (Box) won the best actress award in this category, Kumari Dahanayake (Merenna Widihak Kiyanna) the second place and Imaya Hashani (Thawa Tikak Kal) the third place.
Text:Niroshan Premaratne
Pix: Chanuka Kulasekara


Ramada rocked the city

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

With Gypsies and Black on the New Years Eve

Blast Thru 2010 at Ramada Colombo was one of the most successful dances in Colombo on New Years Eve.

The much loved front man Sunil with 'The Gypsies' was at their best and popular band 'Black' kept the mood lively in their own way, playing all time super hit dance tracks which were appreciated by the large gathering. Organized by Ramada, the ambience, lighting in vibrant festive colours, so creatively done décor and the cuisine by the kitchen brigade added much to the event at the Blast Thru.

It was such a treat to watch people not leaving the dance floor until the wee hours of the morning. “Blast Thru 2010’ undoubtedly was the best dance in town.With Gypsies and Black on the New Years Eve

Blast Thru 2010 at Ramada Colombo was one of the most successful dances in Colombo on New Years Eve.

The much loved front man Sunil with 'The Gypsies' was at their best and popular band 'Black' kept the mood lively in their own way, playing all time super hit dance tracks which were appreciated by the large gathering. Organized by Ramada, the ambience, lighting in vibrant festive colours, so creatively done décor and the cuisine by the kitchen brigade added much to the event at the Blast Thru.

It was such a treat to watch people not leaving the dance floor until the wee hours of the morning. “Blast Thru 2010’ undoubtedly was the best dance in town.


Charitha’s vision on love

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Charitha Darshani Waidyasiri is an up and coming model with a vision and mission to accomplish success in the world of glamour. She talks candidly to Uth Mirror about love and matters closest to her heart.

We all love to do things that make us happy. What do you do in the context? is not a special thing for me, it generally applies to all. I am happy always if my duties and responsibilities towards work are done perfectly.

Why do you think women are not candid in the presence of men?
It depends on the person you meet in your life....

In love should a man die for one woman only?
I don’t agree with that. That’s my personal idea but I don’t know about others..

You have no problems with males?
Not at all. But I don’t go behind and create problems..

But what if men see these pictures and come after you?
It is his human mentality I don’t bother about that..

What is most important to you in a man – education, social standing or wealth?
I disregard all three ideas. I believe only in humane qualities..

You may have a vision…?
Of course.. If anyone completes their duties and responsibilities entrusted to them there won’t be any problem in anyone’s life.

Text - Dinithi Abeywardana
Photography - Malaka Weligodapola


Aruni Rajapaksha

Monday, January 3, 2011

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Miracle Creations
Excel World
i÷ka .uf.a

Friday, December 31, 2010

Saturday 11th December 2010 @ Majestic City Lobby

Levi’s launched ‘Levi’s Curve ID’ – custom fits for women – at the Majestic City Lobby,
Levi’s Curve ID’ is the company’s first global women’s denim line and features a revolutionary fit system that focuses on shape, instead of size.

Three ‘Levi’s Curve ID’ jeans are based:

Demi Curve
Is designed to fit even proportions and flatter a woman’s waist, while smoothing her shape. If jeans usually fit in the waist but don’t flatter the figure, a woman should try a Demi Curve.

Bold Cure
Is designed to honour genuine curves and to hug the waist, without gaping or pulling. If jeans usually fit in the hips and thighs but gape at the back, a woman should try the Bold Curve.

Slight Curve
Is designed to celebrate straight figures and defines a woman’s waist, which accentuating her curves. If jeans usually fit in the hips and thighs but are too tight in the waist, a woman should try a Slight Curve.


Taj Samudra gets the Lifted treatment this New Year’s Eve

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

inspiration Events in association with Lifted Recordings presents “Lifted 2011” the most anticipated 31st night event this year! Be prepared as, for the first time in Sri Lanka, a Lifted Party will be hosted in Sri Lanka. Feel the difference of having custom built stages, decorations and state-of-the-art audio visual equipment pumping out an intense aural experience to levitate you into 2011 in style.

Performing at this unique event will be internationally acclaimed DJ and owner of Lifted Recordings, Dean Jon, has entertained crowds from London to Ibiza to Singapore and has performed alongside international superstars such as of the Black Eyed Peas. He is no stranger to Sri Lanka either, as he performed at the Hikkaduwa Beach Festival in 2009.

Sharing the stage with Dean will be Amy Bain, one of’s support DJ’s. She is one of the fastest rising young DJ’s in London’s Underground music circles.

In addition to these world class DJ’s, there will also be three professional dancers from the Spectacular Performers UK, Emily, Beata & Sophia. They have experience performing at Fashion Weeks in Europe & the Middle East, music videos, beach parties in Ibiza and Sophia has appeared in Britain’s Next Top Model.

Tickets will be priced at Rs. 4500 and are available at the Lifted 2011 Counter, Taj Samudra.

Contact Nalin on 0777 459 000 or Amesh on 0771 520 585 or 
Imesh on 0714 824 147.


Italy the cultural

Monday, December 27, 2010

By Srimal Fernando
Life in Italy means full of cherished moments, experiences and awe-inspiring entertainments. Italy a peninsula bordering Mediterranean Sea is situated in the southern part of Europe, south-east of France. Sardinia and Sicily are the two main islands of the country. Each year millions of visitors are drawn to its world famous towns Rome, Florence, Milan, Venice and Sicily to see its rich culture, pristine beaches, aquamarine seas, as well as its glitzy shopping malls, boutiques and colorful markets. Unparalleled in its diversity, the country offers delights ranging from fine wines and exceptional cuisine to high art and great historical remnants. It reflects the spirit of enlightenment and elegance, existed among its people. The country has transformed from a traditional agricultural society to a progressive and industrialized state.

This over whelming diversity makes the cultural scene of the country very fascinating. Italian lifestyle is a mixture of relaxing over a delicious meal, celebrating an impressive game of soccer and socializing with friends and family. Italy produced some of the greatest painters, sculptors, poets, musicians and architects in history. The people of the country are warm, welcoming who enjoy sharing the pleasures of life with others. The country is known for its rich cultural heritage and traditions, which has a strong German, Arabic, Greek, French and Spanish influence. One can find a mixture of various arts and cultural scenarios in the country. Italy has deep Roman Catholic roots.

The country is not just admired for its beauty but also for its fabulous dances and music. Music and dance is an integral part of the life of Italians. Indeed, the songs and dances are woven into the very fabric of everyday life. Out of all the European countries, Italy has perhaps one of the most diverse collections of popular music forms. There is pure, unbridled joy to watch an Italian join in with the signing and dancing in their own distinctive ways. Italy has produced very significant names in the world of classical music over the past few hundred years. The country’s music is generally eclectic. Italians are natural musicians, who love to hear and sing good music.


ZOOM new magazine soon

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Adding colours to the changing life styles of the Sri Lankan society a new magazine named ‘zoom’ was launched. ZOOM magazine is positioned as an exclusive magazine on all aspects of fashion, various topics related to modern life style including youth, Education, fashions, beauty culture, health, astrology and gossip and focusing Sri Lanka’s top community.

The inauguration of the “zoom” magazine and the website took place yesterday (23) at the Ceylon Continental Hotel with the patronage of the Chairman of the DRS Holdings Mr. Rohan Liyanage.

Addressing the gathering he said that this magazine has not targeted a particular group and is common for various social groups in the society. The magazine gives priority to the Youth, Education and fashion.

The Chief Editor of the magazine miss Yoga Galhena said that our country whichalt is now in a post war condition needs a plan for a step forward in the development.


Rivega Dance Studio at ‘Feel Sri Lanka’ this Friday

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Sri Lanka Tourism’s Friday’s show ‘ Feel Sri Lanka’ will be staged this week by Rivega Dance Studio, a popular dance troupe in both tradtional and fusion dance forms.

Rangika Jeewantha who heads Rivega is a product of University of Performing Arts is an exponent in Kandyan, Southern and Classical Ballet. Apart from the Traditional dance forms, Rivega Troupe is known to be creative dancers and they intend presenting some of their latest recitals at this Week’s show.

Rivega’s previous show at Feel Sri Lanka program earned much praise from the audience hence the invitation of Sri Lanka Tourism for this weeks presentation.

Sri Lanka Tourism invites all Tourists, Business Delegates and Expatriates to witness this wonderful show being presented on Friday 24 December 2010 at 5.30 pm at Hotel School Auditorium 7 th Floor (opposite Cinnamon Grand Hotel).


Hip hop artiste Mizz Nina now in Sri Lanka

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

By Sherwani Synon

Singing from the age of 8 years, the Malaysian born hip hop artist Mizz Nina has achieved what most people only dream of. With the release of her debut solo album ‘What you waiting for’ and a collaboration track with Colby O’Donis with the same name, Mizz Nina is one of the hottest artiste in town.

Tracing her footsteps in singing, and excited Mizz Nina explained her introduction to music, “When I was young, my mother owned a singing and music school and she would always say, ‘Nina you have to go to classes’ and if I didn’t show up the other teachers would tell on me but after a while I started liking it and then it became a natural progression.”

Eventually after completing her university education in Australia, Nina got into the radio industry.

“I couldn’t concentrate in my music career while I was in the radio business and that’s when I decided I needed to leave radio and take the next step in order to further my career,” Nina said.

Apart from this another reason that drove Nina to take the next step was the sudden death of her brother in 2007.

“When my brother died in 2007, my perception about life changed and I pushed myself to do more and that’s when I started thinking about music seriously,” she said.

In July 2010, Mizz Nina released her debut solo album which has a mix of English and Malaysian songs. One of the biggest tracks in the album is a song which she collaborated with Colby O’Donis, called ‘What You Waiting For.’

Speaking about working with the 21 year old superstar, she explained that she and her team had approached him about doing a song for the album. Mizz Nina’s team had sent the song to Colby and his manager and they had agreed to collaborate on the song. While he recorded the song in Los Angeles, she recorded it in Kuala Lumpur.

“When I first met him I was quite star struck. He gave me his input about what he thought needed to be shot for the ‘What You Waiting For’ video and he was very nice and helpful,” she said smilingly.
Mizz Nina arrived in Sri Lanka on Sunday to promote her album in the country.

Talking about her Sri Lankan promo tour, she said, “This is the first time I have been to Sri Lanka and it’s a beautiful country and the weather is lovely.”

Her solo album has received positive responses around the world and according to her more people are interested in knowing what she’s up to.

With plans for a second solo album and wedding bells next year, Mizz Nina is definitely here to stay.


Look nice to the world but do it in your style, Michelle

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

By Nabeela Husssain

A woman who rarely buys any clothes but yet seems to stand out from the crowd wherever she goes. Michelle Sielman Jinasena, Owner, Designer and master mind behind Michelle Therese Atelier is small in size but big in dreams.

Michelle says that she had wanted to be a designer ever since she was a child. “I started to sketch and put my ideas on paper ever since I was in school,” she said. Having recently launched her collection and opened her shop, Michelle explains that she is very happy that a market has emerged to which people like her can cater to.

“Some time back there wasn’t anyone who did designing for a living, maybe one or two did but it wasn’t acclaimed as it is now,” she explained. Michelle however, has now embarked on her dream of having her own store after launching her collection at the Casa Colombo last week.

Michelle Therese Atelier or the workshop of Michelle Therese when directly translated from French, is situated at Gregory’s Road, Colombo 7. Like everything else about the owner, the shop too stands out, passersby see a shop that has been imported directly from France into the middle of Colombo.

“People don’t think that the shop looks Sri Lankan; it looks like it’s from France,” she said with a laugh. Not only does the shop look Parisian from the outside but from the inside as well. Michelle has a spacious main room where she displays her collection and there are also the spacious changing rooms or dressing lounge which are curtained off, complete with a couch, chair and full length mirrors.

Her obsession with Paris and Venice, she says, was due to them being rich in fashion sense. “Venice has so many little shops filled with designer clothes and it’s one of my favourite places to visit,” she said. Despite her fascination with some of the fashion capitals of the world, Michelle is not the one to be influenced by other designers. “I’m not easily influenced. I have my own ideas and that is what you see here,” she said. A self taught designer, Michelle has her own style that stands out from the crowd.

Feminine, chic and elegant is the signature of Michelle’s designs and the embodiment of her style, be it personal or professional. “I don’t believe in buying clothes that can only be worn once and will be out of style soon, that is why you don’t see any chic styles here,” she said explaining that most of her evening wear are those that have been designed by her.

Her fascination for the European style she says comes from her younger days when she read many of the European magazines in the market. “I read them now too, but since I’ve been reading these magazines from the time I was young I began to think of fashion along the same lines,” she said.

Being very specific about the clothes that she provides her customers, Michelle says that all the clothes in her store are one offs. “I have seen people going for a function and they sometimes end up wearing the same thing that someone else is and that is embarrassing. Although it hasn’t happened to me it is the reason that there is only one design of a dress in my store,” she said. As Michelle points out, Colombo is small and having clothes that are exclusive matters.

Enrolling in a pattern making course during her break after her O/L’s, Michelle says that it has come in handy when instructing her staff in exactly what she wants. “I can sew, but my staff is better as they do it for a livelihood,” she said. Michelle however does admit that there would be two dresses of the same material but they would be of different designs.

Though she has an attentive staff who follow her instructions to the last dot, Michelle is a perfectionist who sometimes does the intricate details of her designs herself.

At her most creative when she travels, this designer not only sees what is to be done with the material when she sees it but also looks for the perfect material that she needs for the ideas in her head. “I usually buy small quantities of material, enough to do one or two dresses, when I travel about with my husband,” she said.

Speaking of future plans, Michelle says that she will be designing several capsule collections in addition to the “Play” range that she already has.

Michelle says that she has had a very good response from the public who are very interested and excited to see something that is different. “The younger generation today is very much into fashion and they keep in touch with what happens in the fashion capitals of the world,” she said. The interest that they show provides Michelle and many other designers a market to carter to, and this did not exist earlier as people were rarely bothered about what they wore, she said. “Sri Lanka is now starting to have a fashion sense,” Michelle says for which she is more than happy to cater to.

Speaking of her childhood, Michelle stated that she schooled at Bishop’s College and finished her schooling at Visakha Vidyalaya. “My parents weren’t that keen on me being a designer at the time as there wasn’t a market to cater too and there weren’t many designers,” she said. Therefore she settled down to doing CIMA and is currently in the third stage.

Working in the streams of Advertising and then Accounting, she soon realised that she didn’t want to do a “desky” job as she pointed out. Michelle however does say that she didn’t find working as an Accounts Assistant very “desky”. “I had to go and meet a lot of people and move around with them and that’s exactly what I liked,” she said with a smile.

Meeting her husband while she was at Advertising, Michelle has been married almost for two years. The shop, she says was designed by her very innovative and creative husband, Lalen Jinasena. Like many other newly married couples Michelle’s conversations are sprinkled with anecdotes about her husband. “He supports me and helps me with many of the ideas that I have,” she said.

A born lover of both dogs and homemade food, Michelle says that she has four of her own dogs at home. Two Golden Retrievers, a black Labrador and a Mongrel that we adopted for Christmas,” she said with a laugh.

The advice she would give to all is that everyone has their own individuality and the only thing that they have to do is to find it. “Look nice to the world but do it in your style,” she said. Pics by Samantha Perera


Malani predicts bright reel future for Lanka

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

UPFA national list MP and screen queen Malani Fonseka who participated in the budget debate for the first time in her new political career on Thursday called for the assistance of Indian artistes to train Sri Lankan artistes on commercial film industry.

Speaking during the committee stage of the budget Malani also said opportunities should be given to those Sri Lankan artistes who had excelled in artistic films to train their foreign counterparts on artistic film producing.

“Local artistes are capable of creating quality works of art and should be given the opportunity to train their foreign counterparts,” she said.

Malani predicted a bright future for the Sinhala cinema with the concessions given to the local film industry at this year’s budget. She said the huge tax concessions given to local films will give a boost to the local cinema and the import duty reduction given to equipment including reels will also have a positive impact.

She said the patriotic mindset instilled on Sri Lankans including the artistes before and after the war had provided an excellent platform for the creation of quality films. She said few quality films such as Abba and Samanala Tahtu that had been already screened are some of these films that were created in this situation.
Malani also welcomed the setting up of a tele cinema village at Ranminithenna describing it as a welcome move at a time when there were no quality studios in the country.


Super Six ends shooting -Movie news

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The shooting schedule of the latest movie ‘Super Six’ ended successfully recently.

The movie starring several popular stars, is directed by Udara Palliyaguru, produced by Sadesh Kumara while Donald Jayantha has assisted in the direction.

A star studded cast that includes Roshan Ranawana, Sanath Gunathilake and debuting former Miss Sri Lanka Aruni Rajapakse, Director Udaya Palliyaguruge’s Super Six is a film that combines the influences of romance, comedy, action and fantasy and is the first movie to be launched in Sri Lanka after the end to the war.


Sonal Chauhaan justifies media speculation

Monday, November 29, 2010
By M.Ismeth

She’s on cloud nine and flies high after her first release. Understandably so, because “Jannat” was a box office hit. It is also the first time she worked with the Bhatts

Her interview Rahul Nanda was also her first. That’s a lot for the wannashine.
She hails from a conservative Rajput family and is the daughter of a Police Inspector from Uttar Pradesh. Since no one in her family was connected to the glamour world, she did not tell her parents about the offers for print and ads that started coming her way when she was still in school.

Her mother reluctantly agreed, warning her not to let ideas of a glamorous career enter her head. But fate decreed of course. Sonal smiles at the memories . “I would tell my parents how eager I was to join the movies. But they were adamant, I could’nt do them for a living. So I saw them down and got up only once they agreed. I am sure they never dreamt I would get this far.”

Her debut film “Jannat” (The first of her three film deal with Vishesh films). Is one of the three hits todate. The Bhatts, the producers of the film, are ecstatic . They wanted to cast her in “ Awarapan” and “Showbiz” earlier but she refused and she is glad that she made the choice then. Both the movies tanked at the box office.

Post “Jannat” more people have been talking about Emraan Hashmi (her co-star in the film) than Sonal Chauhan. She begs to differ. “It's not as if people are not talking about me at all. I have got really good feedback. People constantly come up to me and tell me how much they liked me in the film. Since that was my first film, any positive feedback is great.”

Apart from being in the news fro “Jannat”, she also hit the headlines for her alleged affair with Sahil Zaroo of the Rahul Mahajan drug fiasco fame. It is even reported that he manhandled her at the Mumbai airport, after she ignored him. After a long pause her voice dips as she says , “It was an unfortunate incident. But it could have happened to anyone. I don’t want to give it any more importance by talking about it. Its been blown out of proportion already’, she added.

To lighten the mood she was asked for her take on skin show and item numbers in the movies. She parries, “ I have always maintained that a film can’t be sold on the basis of a hot scene in the film. I wear short-skirts and shorts in real life and am very comfortable in them. If my character was supposed to be sleazy , I would play in that way. I am an actor, I should be versatile.”

There’s nothing she doesn’t like about the film industry. “I think speculation in the media is justified. When someone enters this profession, they are fully aware of things that come with the territory. As actors, we want attention. Any actor who says he does not like attention is lying”, she says.
Finally she gets curious about the Filmfare Awards. She wants to know if she has to register for them. “Do you think I have a chance in the next Filmfare Awards? She asks. “Only time will tell.”


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