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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sri Lanka's first sports TV channel launched

Monday 07th March @ Atrium, Cinnamon Grand

Sports Minister Mahinda Ananda lighting the oil lampMadam Shiranthi Rajapakse, Mahinda Ananda Aluthagamage and YoshithaNishantha Ranatunga, CEO   of CSN

Sports plays a major role in a person’s life in Sri Lanka today. Carlton Sports Network, Sri Lanka’s Premier sports TV channel was launched in order to take television another step forward along with a vision of developing and uplifting all sports equally regardless of gender, age, race or ethnicity through broad media coverage across the country and throughout the world keeping Sport & Lifestyle at the forefront at all times.

Yoshita and RehanYasara, Head of channel CSN

Their mission is to develop a diversified workforce to cover sports around the country when it happens as it happens and developed for the sports fan constantly on the move enabling a serious sports fan to follow their favourite sport more closely than ever before on CSN through a combination of specially produced live sports coverage, video news clips, in depth news coverage and analysis topped up with a few lifestyle segments.

Tatiyana , Rohitha and RishiniKumar,Jason and Dilshan

They wish to act as a foundation to all sportsmen  and  women in the island through the media force whilst keeping a keen watch on upcoming sports and talent to facilitate and encourage such talent through media coverage and also to attract a wide span of sports loving audience to entertain and provide access to a wide variety of sport whilst being the premier television channel to showcase and give prominence to domestic sporting events as well as international sport. They also wish to set and maintain  quality and standards by being well equipped and technically sound to cover all sporting encounters ensuring production and presentation at its best.

Rosman, Nalan, Mr. W.B Ganegala  Ananda and UpaliIndula, Damtih, Vindya, Dr. Tanuja and Mrs. Gamini Fonseka

The Carlton Sports Network will be available on UHF22 and also on DialogTv Channel 75 and PEOTV Channel 9 for your viewing pleasure

NadroSubashini, Renuka and ShanKids from Carlton Pre School


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