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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Why was ‘Ekamath Eka Rateka’ overlooked?

First and foremost we must appreciate the organizers of film and tele awards ceremonies. But unlike in other countries, there is hardly any dialogue after awards ceremonies are over.

The results are made public and it is a tradition to accept the results with little hesitation. 

I feel the media has a major role to play in creating such dialogues after awards festivals. It will serve the industries on the long run to produce quality creations.

The recent SIGNIS awards ceremony had some ideal components for serious dialogue and discussion.  

It was very evident that the panel or organizers had some reservations about the movie ‘Ekamath Eka Rateka’ which was one of the rare classic movies released that year. But unfortunately except Ravindra Guruge who walked away with the award for the best editor, the film was deliberately allowed to lose its glitter.

The film’s lead actress Nirosha Perera who played an outstanding role, was nominated in the best actress category, but to no avail while the main actor and director Sanath Gunathilake was not even nominated in the best actor category. Instead a novice who had hardly acted was nominated in the best actor’s slot, thus instilling fears among genuine filmgoers about the credibility of film awards ceremonies.
It is high time, the media and responsible stakeholders take serious note of this trend and create a platform for dialogue.

A. S. de Silva,


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